Let’s Compare Stainmaster, Mohawk and Shaw

Stainmaster nylon carpet has earned a reputation among others for its effective insulation capabilities. This was certainly no coincidence. Stainmaster nylon carpet uses a specific kind of unique molecular structure that is designed for superior strength. It is because of this unique molecular structure, Stainmaster nylon consistently out performs and out lasts many other brands of carpets by fifty percent.

The unique molecular structure of the Stainmaster fibers used to create their nylon carpets, has allowed Stainmaster to achieve specific high performance, and aesthetic qualities not found in other carpets. This Technology has resulted in a carpet that provides thicker and more durable carpets, but a much softer carpet, as well. This unique technology creates wool like look and cashmere feel unsurpassed in the industry. It has an exceptional ability to hide soil and reflect light, along with a fuller richer texture.


Mohawk carpets made of polyester or triexta offer excellent carpets for the budget-minded consumer. Mohawk carpets made of polyester offer many of nylons wear resistant properties and are cheaper to buy. Mohawk polyester carpets not only have color clarity, but colorfastness, as well. This type of carpet is well known for its water soluble stain resistance and promotes a classy look. Mohawk polyester carpets are 100 percent manufactured from recycled plastic bottles for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Mohawk carpets have a fantastic new fiber material on the market. This new type of fiber is being extruded from a totally new generation of polymer. The result is a carpet that offers exceptional durability, and stain resistance to a wide range of spills. The stain resistance is permanently built in and will not wear out.


Shaw carpets made from olefin are well known for not absorbing water. In order to give the carpet its color, it must be solution dyed, a process in which the color is built into the carpet fiber when it is extruded during the manufacturing process. This process assures the color will not fade or wear out of the carpet. Unlike other carpets, Shaw carpets can be exposed to extremely intense sun-light and bleaches without fear of damage. It is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, such as bleaches. There is no need to worry about damage to carpets due to contaminants or elements.

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